Thursday, December 02, 2010


I am often called upon to do Christmas covers throughout the year. This one was done in  sunny Florida, but I have a large reservoir of snow knowledge to call on from living in the North! This cover for the book, Somewhere Along The Way by Jodi Thomas, started with a photograph by Jim Begley, He's a talented photographer from Kentucky, who allowed me to use the picture he took of the local Mayor's house in Corbin KY.  I changed a lot about the setting and of course, translated it in my own way. I may use it as a Christmas card, if I ever get around to writing any! Many thanks to Jim for his lovely house picture.
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Veronica Bennet said...

Merry Christmas ... best wishes to heart.
Sorry if I have not written more but I'm working hard. Talk to you soon.

Linnae said...

Hi James

I love your holiday illustration...the setting looks so inviting. I hope 2011 is off to a great start for you and yours.

James Griffin said...

Thanks, Linnae! I guess in winter we want to find a cozy house with a warm fire and lots of goodies to eat with hot coffee. Everyone has their version of the fantasy. I am actually spending winter in the North, so am experiencing the reality of the season: Iced windshields, cold coming in from the windows and days of weak sun. But there are moments when it feels cozy like this, too.Are you in a cold climate?