Sunday, January 27, 2008


This illustration was done recently for a book titled, Scandal's Daughter, by Christine Wells. It's a case where where I haven't read the book, so I can't comment on the writing or story, but it looks to be getting great reviews. I was given the barest of facts, the heroine's age, hair color, time period and a bit about her character. They also had a scene in mind, which is helpful, but the rest I basically made up and hoped it was right for the story. I went with the heroine's personality, which was independent and strong-willed. The publisher mentioned an English house in the distance and a horse grazing mid-ground, so I decided she had been riding, even though wearing her Regency dress. I gave her chamois gloves and a riding crop to help get that across and had her thoroughbred wearing a saddle. The idea of having her looking away from us, into the scene was requested from the art director and I really think it brings the viewer right into what she's looking at. This is also a way of allowing the female reader to place herself in the role of the heroine, and not get hung up on her face. In this case, the face, and body, too, belongs to Suzanne Fogarty, a model I have worked with many times and always is superb!

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