Monday, October 27, 2008


This image is for the first book in a series of four, I think, by talented author, Denise Rossetti, who is exploring afresh direction in the Fantasy genre. It is a hot book, in many ways and well-written, too! I recently was interviewed by her on her blog,, for the launching of the series by Berkley Books.
Briefly, it's a fantasy world in which certain rare people are inhabited by powers , such as Fire , Breath, Shadow, etc. The Powers are also very involved with the sexual natures of their carriers, though it seems they are incomplete without their opposite power. Denise, forgive me if I mangled this synopsis!
My challenge was to get across this intense sexuality and heat of the fire spirit within our heroine. I worked with a scene where Cenda is beginning to explore her sexual nature with the fire in her tavern room. I wanted to get across the torment she had about her, the longing and also the amazing power of fire that she was just beginning to control. My model for this was Ewa Da Cruz, who once again carried a role way beyond the usual! Photography was by Shirley Green. Inspriration was partly the work of William Blake, whose 18th century paintings transcend time.

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