Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is one of my favorite recent covers, done for the book, Devilish Duke In My Bed, by Sophie Jordan, Avon Books. There is a very hot inside cover, too. The model was Suzanne Fogarty, one of the best models, who manages with grace and style to embody whatever sexy pose I ask for.
In this case I requested an auto-erotic feeling, as if she was getting turned on just from the thought of her lover. I did a lot of painting in this one to further that concept, turning up the heat and emphasizing her body writhing under the satin sheets. Her skin was made very pale and hair, very light blonde to contrast with the rich colors of the sheet and patterned background. I notice in my work of late, that I care less and less whether the background or setting makes sense in a literal way, but works in an artistic way to further the feeling of the piece. My thanks to Suzanne and Shirley Green, my photographer. Thanks also to Veronica Bennet, who keeps me on my toes and posting more regularly! Please visit her website for a treat, at :

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