Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I created this cover last year for a Harlequin Historical by Gail Ranstrom. The idea was to somehow get across that this is a story of intrique and maybe dark deeds, as well as romance. The art director suggested we show the back of the woman's dress open, to suggest she's dressing (or undressing!). I used Maria again, but made her very blonde, and Jason Wright. This is set in the regency period of London,( around 1815), but I think it has more of a Grace Kelly Hollywood look. Whatever, it was a very popular cover! I'm showing you the larger, uncropped image, as it was done for the final art. What the art directors do with my images is pretty much out of my control!
This is a digital image, composed in Photoshop and made much more painterly in Painter. When I work, I try to have the technique enhance the spirit of the book. If this were a modern spy story I think the old fashioned paint look wouldn't be right. But in this case it seemed to fit.