Friday, February 18, 2011


What a Winter we've been having here in the Northeast. I have gotten unused to Winter since my move to Florida several years ago, where temperatures in the 50s send people scurrying for their down jackets. But this Winter I've been in New York State, in the Hudson Valley, where we've had record amounts of snow. This image was created for my series, Forces Of Nature, about 2 years ago while in in Florida, but I called upon my many years of living in cold environments to help me imagine the dance of the Winter goddess. I guess that's what she is, reveling in her frosty medium. I originally conceived of the piece as a view looking over her shoulder as she hovered and brought frigid Winter conditions to a little town below. It never seemed to work. Then I played with the idea of her as a dancing figure, maybe even joyful. I used Heidi Bailey as my model, with Shirley Green as the photographer, Sharon Spiak for costume. My home team!
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