Friday, January 29, 2010


The reason I haven't posted in a while is that i've been incredibly busy, creating more covers. This one is for a book by Eloisa James, titled A Duke Of her Own, ( Avon Books). Ms. James seems to be setting her stories in the late 18th century, the Marie Antoinette era, as some like to describe it.This is nice, because it allows me to play with the flow of huge amounts of fabric, that were used in dresses of the period. I doubt very much if we'll be seeing a lot of mens' clothing from this period, because it is so outlandish by today's standards. Men were peacocks in fashion then and it baffles the mind to figure out how they could have a decent sword fight in all that getup. A great movie for this period is Vatel, which tells the story of a party planner for a duke when Louis XIV was coming to visit with his hundreds of courtiers. Vatel, ( Gerard Depardieu ), the man in charge of making it all work from pies to fighting ships to fireworks displays has the job from hell. Watching the movie you get to see what went on behind the scenes in the Sun King's court. But I digress. This cover has been very popular, so I'm showing it here, with the whole art, not the cropped version you see on the book cover. The Duke is really going to town with his lover on the inside cover! The models were Christine Donlon and Paul Marron, the costumes by Sharon Spiak and Photography by Shirley Green. I made the scene on the inside cover in 3D to fit the figures.
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