Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is an oil painting for the book, The Steel Wave, by Jeff Shaara, published recently by Random House. It was created using as reference that famous photo of the Omaha Beach landing on D-Day, photo used with permission. Whenever I do a war image I feel a deep sadness the whole time. I hate war and think we humans should evolve past this type of brutality. At the same time I mourn the young men and women who get thrown into the middle of these things! I can imagine their terror as they struggled in the icy waves to get ever closer into range of the machine guns and exploding shells. How did any of them survive and how did they remain sane after witnessing that maelstrom of death? I am humbled to be portraying them and yet I condemn those "masters of War", who brought into being the need for those soldiers to wade ashore that day!

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