Thursday, July 09, 2009


This one is for a book by Alexandra Hawkins, titled, All Night With A Rogue, (St. Martins Press).
I was given just the sketchiest of directions and was therefore pretty free to play with the model's pose and the lighting. Christine Donlon and Harmon Walsh, both actors as well as models, did a great job. I started with Christine on the floor, with a low camera angle and then had Harmon come in behind and beside her. There are several trends in evidence here, the tendency to "crop off their heads!" as you can see in the actual cover and also in the pose, which has the guy behind and more shadowy. I was thinking about these things while directing, but also about the beautiful classic lines of her face and the tender, but sexy interaction between them.
Costummes by Sharon Spiak, Photography by Shirley Green.
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