Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FALL from The Forces Of Nature series

This oil painting is part of that ongoing series I've been creating over the years. I thought of her as I worked on the painting, as the embodiment of fall and like my previous post, Winter, is commanding and playing with her element, the falling leaves. But there is an air of sadness to her amidst all the beauty. It's a feeling I often associate with fall, a kind of pleasant melancholy. There is still some leftover warmth from summer, but with an undertone of the approaching winter. Fall always seems too short, in my opinion, but so delicious, with ripened apples, a hint of wood smoke in the air, warm sweaters and fall foods. The light changes and days shorten. Perhaps our lady is playing with her leaves one more time before the real chill begins.
I went to New York and photographed a model for this, Ewa da Cruz. She acted the part so beautifully, we didn't want it to stop! Shirley Green was the photographer and Sharon Spiak created the costume.
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Eleni Konstantine said...

James - this is just stunning. Congrats!

James Griffin said...

Thank you so much, Eleni! I really appreciate hearing from you.

Veronica Bennet said...

Hello James I came back^-^.
I had seen this illustration and I can repeat that is beautiful. The cone colors in perfect harmony and the woman is very beautiful. I also think that autumn lasts too little. It 's my favorite season, own for its colors. In my garden I have many trees and in autumn the leaves turn red, it seems a place magical.

Veronica Bennet said...

Best wishes for a peaceful and happy Easter to you and your family:)

James Griffin said...

Hi Veronica, Welcome back! I hope you have a happy Easter, too. Thank you so much for the lovely comments on Fall. Yes, there is something magical about the season. Your garden sounds beautiful!

Rebecca Hassan said...

this is really beautiful

James Griffin said...

Thank you , Rebecca Hassan!
I'm glad you like it.