Sunday, February 11, 2007


THE MOON, the latest in my series, Forces Of Nature, is so new it's still wet! No one has seen it, so this is a first time viewing for readers of my blog.
I have always felt a close affinity with the Moon, at times feeling like it influences my moods, even things that happen. But mostly, I love the magical quality of moonlight, the light source of choice for Romantics!
This image is the second Moon I've done for the series, and probably won't be the last. For one thing, I want to get closer to the magical aspect and to capture the quality of light it reflects better. That light is a peculiar color, not a warm light, but also not just a blueish light either. It seems to be both at the same time! I went back and forth between the blues and naples yellow while working on this.
About the image itself. I imagined a man alone, but with a full heart, falling in love with the Lady of the Moon. She looks down and seems to see him, above the whole bustling city below. She looks lovingly at him as he shows his longing for her with his outstretched arms. Of course they can never be together, but she will look down on him every month.
There were no models in this one.
I am very curious about how you react to this image. Please feel free to let me know!


Kathy said...

That picture is stunning. I love what you've done.

James Griffin said...

Thanks for the comment, Kathy! I guess you're a Moon-lover, too.
I just read in Newsweek that China has plans to launch a large scale space mission to the moon with the purpose of mining Helium3, something that is extremely rare on earth, but can be used to create non-poluting energy in fission plants on earth. Apparently a little of the stuff goes a long way, so it really looks feasable. How will the idea of mechanical mining machinesroaming around up there affect the romance of the moon?

Kathy said...

If it's a clean energy no way will the oil companies let it into the U.S.:-(

James Griffin said...

You're right about that! LOL!

PC Cast said...

Love this image James!

James Griffin said...

Thanks so much, PC!

ensure said...

the painting is really good one.