Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This illustration was done recently for a Fern Micheals novel of the same name. I'm happy with the way it came out, I don't mind saying! It is a digitally painted image and I do mean painted. It was quite a challenge to get the girl looking natural on that boat and to have the water rippling out from her toe, but it was the labor of love. I enjoyed every minute of it! The model is Laura Williams, one of the best and most versatile models arround. She never fails to catch exactly the feeling I'm after and she does it with ease! The was no boat,( totally made up ), or water at the shoot. Laura was perched on a bench, with her legs draped over a sawhorse. More and more lately I'm finding art directors asking me to have the woman turne away, or somehow anonymous. The thinking is that she could be you, the reader,( in a perfect world!). I think they're right. But it's a bit of a shame not to see her lovely face!
Here's a link to Fern Micheals' site:


Sally said...

It is beautiful.

james Griffin said...

Thanks, Sally!

Michele Ann Young said...

Hey James,
We romance writers are lucky to have someone like you creating such beautiful covers for us. Perhpas one day you will do one for me.
It's great to see someone so talented working on Romance fiction.

james Griffin said...

Hi Michele, Thanks for the compliment! would love to work on a cover for one of your book. I checked out your website and it appears that you are very much into research and history, as I am! Good luck with your latest, Pistols At Dawn.

Diane M. Wylie said...


Your fame is spreading around the romance authors! What gorgeous work you do! Like Michele, I would love to have a cover done by you some day as well. One can only dream of such a talent as yours.

I love that you put so much of yourself into your work. It really shows.